5 Oct 2017
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5 Oct2017

Wood is one of the commonly used materials for both outdoor and indoor surfaces. It provides a sense of richness and warmth to your furniture, decks, pathways, stairs, and fences. Wood is most often utilized in decks, doors, tables, stairs, and flooring. No doubt, wood looks elegant but it should be kept in mind that it is not much durable as compared to stone or metal. Hence, you need to pay more attention towards their durability. If you also have wood flooring or walkways, then you will definitely need wood restoration services. You would be glad to know that Wash ‘N’ Seal is in the business of wood restoration for over 15 years. The company owns highly trained and skilled workers for getting the work done in professional manner.

If have wood flooring or walkways, then you will definitely need wood restoration services.

Now there is no need to worry about your dirty or filthy wood surface as our company can provide the best wood restoration services. We believe in providing outstanding work that is why we use modern and up to date equipment to clean, restore, and weatherproof your surface. Working with wood is an art and you have to be more carefully in dealing with this material. Keeping in view the nature of work, Wash ‘N’ Seal has hired professional employees who can work well with wood material. They go through different training programs to remain updated with the latest restoration techniques.

It’s essential to keep your wood furniture and surfaces protected from any damage or wear and tear by hiring the services of an experienced wood restoration company otherwise your belongings will lose their value. Huge sum of money is spent on the wood items that is why you have to care them properly. You can save hundreds of dollars on wood replacement by employing the best wood restoration services which are available in your area.

Why Select Us?

At Wash ‘N’ Seal, we clean and restore your wood surfaces and furniture to their original beautiful looks while saving your money. We are a certified, licensed and insured wood restoration company in South Florida. You can hire our services any time by contacting our customer support representatives. We also provide complete cost estimation so that you can have an idea of your expenses beforehand. No matter whether it is wood furniture, decks, stairs, walkways, fences, or flooring, our personnel will provide you the excellent services.

Some of our features which differentiate us from the rest of service providers are:

  •  More than 15 years’ experience
  • 100% positive feedback from customers
  •  On time and punctual
  •  Reasonable rates
  •  Well skilled personnel
  • Best machines and equipment


Steps Involved in Wood Restoration Process

Two key steps are involved in wood restoration process.

1. First of all, wood is thoroughly washed with the help of low pressure water and oxygen base cleaner. This step assists in removing dirt, algae, mildew, etc. It also prepares the surface for the implication of semi-transparent sealer-weatherproofer.

2. Once the surface is dry, semi-transparent sealer-weatherproofer is applied. This sealer helps in blocking powerful ultra-violet rays and other dangerous elements. Moreover, it also prevents decay, mildew and rot.