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Wash ‘N’ Seal is a licensed, insured and certified pressure washing/paver sealing company in the South Florida area with over 15 years of experience. We specialize in Hot Water Pressure Washing and Sealing (pavers, concrete, marble, precast, keystone, & more) and general maintenance then we have successfully accomplished important commercial and residential projects of pressure washing and sealing on shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, department stores, and residential buildings etc. We also clean, restore and weatherproof wooden deck, docks and fences. View All Services

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Have pavers that are sinking or wood decks/docks/fences that are losing color? WE CAN FIX THEM ALL!

Protect Your Investment!

Miami: Hot Water Pressure Washing and Sealer application are the most inexpensive way to protect pavers from:



  • Oil Stains.
  • Loss of Color due to Ultraviolet Rays.
  • Mold & Rust Spots.
  • Weed growth Between Pavers.
  • Other General Stains.

Enhance Paver Durability!

Pressure Washing of Miami. The sealer doesn’t only protect pavers, it also beautifies their appearance. It restores color in old pavers:


  • It preserves colors in new pavers
  • It can also give a “wet look”
  • Keep the pavers clean
  • Adds weather protection
  • It improves the investment adding value

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Pressure Cleaning And Paver Sealing Services In South Florida

Serving South Florida For Over 15 Years. Commercial & residential pressure cleaning, maintenance, stripping and sealing of driveways, terraces, pool deck, building entrances, common areas, and more. Call Us Today For A FREE Estimate: (786) 486-1291