30 Dec2016

How Wood Restoration Adds Value

All homes and buildings contain some wood. Wood has been the building material of choice for residences and work spaces for centuries. Wood has superior looks, adds a special quality to any structure, and can last for centuries. Wood does undergo aging and deterioration over time.

Wood restoration is a proven method to add longer life to wood and restore the aesthetic qualities to wood that have made it a preferred material. Replacement cost versus the cost of wood restoration is usually prohibitive. There are some woods that cannot be replaced because the natural sources of the wood have become so small that the wood is no longer harvested.

Wood restoration adds an immediate economic value to a residence or building.

Old wood is a treasured item just like an antique. Wood that has been conserved and restored from older buildings can cost as much as $200 per piece. Wood that has been harvested from centuries old logs that have been under water can fetch as much as $1,000 per piece.

Wood restoration preserves a limited commodity. The process of wood restoration is very similar to recycling. The difference is that restored wood gains in value as soon as the restoration is complete. This means the selling price of your home increases much more than the cost of the wood restoration.

Wood restoration is an art and a science. Wood is for all intents and purposes like people. Each type of wood needs a particular type of care and protection just like each of your children needs different kinds of care.

The science has been established for several centuries and is still evolving as new and more environmentally friendly treatments have been developed to restore different types of wood. The restoration of wood has been so successfully practiced for so long that wood from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome still exists in almost pristine condition. You can create an antique in your home or business with the right kind of wood restoration.

The art of wood restoration comes from experience and training. Knowing what material to use to bring out the original grain pattern in wood can be taught. The application process that makes old wood blossom into like new condition is the result of experience and careful attention to the details of the process. This process requires a professional.

Wood in homes and wood in furniture will only increase in value over time. No material that is made by man can duplicate the warmth and intricacy that the pattern of swirls and knots in wood creates in the mind of the beholder.

If you want your home or business to look its best and if you want to add economic and aesthetic value to your wood that generates an immediate and lasting return on your investment contact the experts at Wash N Seal.