26 Aug2016

The Advantages Of Concrete Pressure Cleaning

Concrete surfaces get dirty. There is simply no way to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris from the air and the environment. Tree sap, mold, algae, and high traffic can ruin the look of a concrete surface that you paid a lot of money for.

All concrete is not the same. Formulations differ between companies. The type of concrete that is needed for a walkway is slightly chemically different from a patio. Concrete pavers and the grout that connects the stones together can be very delicate.

Concrete can be cleaned in several ways. Pressure washing and power washing, whether done by the property owner or a professional, poses a significant risk to the investment that any concrete surface is. Loss of surface integrity, inclusion of chemicals in the concrete that precipitate the deterioration of the concrete internally, and immediate destruction of color and surface characteristics are common problems. High pressures are the cause of the problem.

Concrete pressure cleaning has distinct advantages that preserve the integrity and visual appeal of any concrete surface.

Cleaning solutions that are specific to the concrete surface are applied before any cleaning begins. This treatment allows the use of lower pressure cleaning that removes only the dirt and grime and none of the concrete.

The angle that cleaning water impacts a concrete surface is the most important variable in preventing the inclusion of water and cleaning solutions in porous concrete surfaces. Concrete pressure cleaning machines can be adjusted to the proper angle so that no chemicals or water is forced into a concrete surface during the cleaning process.

Concrete pressure cleaning machines are designed to mold to a concrete surface. This feature improves the cleaning efficiency of the process and guarantees that all unwanted material is removed. The method is exceptionally effective in cleaning oddly shaped concrete surfaces.

Concrete pressure cleaning is appropriate for any concrete. The devices are portable enough to use on vertical surfaces and on roofs. The process is inherently cleaner than any other method because the waste water and debris are removed as soon as they come off the concrete. The process also protects the environment as well as plants, grass, and shrubs.