Are Your Pavers Losing Color, Damaged or Sinking? We Can Help!

Repairs to the pavers are made primarily because of sinking due to poor land preparation, that is not compact properly leaving air gaps behind while filling the area with sand. It occurs mainly around the pools. To repair the bricks, they are removed around sunken area, water is injected with a tool especially designed for this work to ensure that any remaining space is filled with sand and so prevent future subsidence. Afterward the level is completed with special sand to be further compacted. Once leveled and compacted sand pavers are put back in place, they put fine sand in the spaces between pavers and are re-compacted. We also repair when the roots of trees or vegetation next to the pavers, lifts them above the level. In this case withdrew the pavers, cut the roots that are lifting, we replace the sand, compact it, install the pavers back and recompact it.

Its recommdended that the customer seal the pavers after a repair has been done. This helps prevent it from receiving damage after the repairs have been completed, and ensures its best condition for longer pavers integrity.When the pavers start to receive damage, they will start to crack, chip, or crumble. When the signs start to show of damage, give us a call, and we will assist you promptly, in repairing your damaged paver.

Pressure Cleaning And Paver Sealing Services In South Florida

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