Why Choose Pressure Cleaning & Sealing For Your Concrete?

Sealing your concrete is important to ensure it stays in good shape.Doing this can help ensure your concrete does not develop surface deterioration. Sealed concrete floors can endure harsh whether better and stay looking better longer.It can also ensure that water will not seep through the concrete.

This is benefit of concrete sealing is that it reduces the humidity which in turn helps prevent cracks and prevents rusting in the long term.

We have three different types of concrete sealers depending on the age and condition of the concrete. The desired results of the customer also play a roll in the products utilized.Our trained technicians are extremely knowledgeable about the chemistry of concrete sealants and can help you choose the best sealant thats right for you, as well as help explain to you the benefits of each sealant.

See It In Action:

Our Washing And Sealing Process:

Step #1

The first step is to wash the concrete with a flat surface cleaner, a pressure washer with a 4000 PSI and 210 Fahrenheit and chemical products like de-greasers and rust removers.

Step #2

On the next day if the concrete is totally dry two coats of acrylic-based solvent sealer specially formulated for concrete is applied with an electric sprayer.

Step #3

For the final step we wait for the sealer to dry. Once the sealer has been applied, you should be able to step over it one hour later, and you can drive over it after twenty-four hours.

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