3 Aug 2016
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3 Aug2016

Paver sealing is a very popular form of preservation used in the market today. Depending on the type of pavers that are currently being used, that will help determine which paver sealing formula is the right one for you. How applying a paver sealing formula works is by applying the sealer over an existing paver surface such as terrazzo, limestone, sedimentary rocks and much more to help slow down the effects of staining and corrosion on the surface. The service can usually be completed within a day and the results can be seen immediately, giving your old surface a brand new look without the need to replace the entire surface.  Keep in mind the process is relatively quick to help keep your busy schedule consistent without the added stress of slowing you down on the other important things that you must handle on daily basis.

Paver Sealing services can be provided on any paver surface and help eliminate the need to replace the entire surface.

Several different factors can affect your pavers when they are not sealed. Acid is one of the most commonly seen causes of damage that can easily be overlooked. Simple things such as an acidic carbonated beverage such as soda or other acid products such as vinegar, lemon juice and wine can also take its toll on your pavers. Having a Paver Sealing service done can help prolong the life span of your paver surface as well as help prevent things such as the dreaded dark frames that form as a result of continuous built up damage. The reason behind this is the surface of your property is porous and so having a sealing agent close the holes, or reduce their size can show a great difference in the surface and the long term results.