20 Oct 2017
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20 Oct2017

Roofs of homes and buildings are built to last longer and you must protect them from extreme weather/ climate like wind storms, rain storms, hailing, moisture and from the hot sun. With the passage of time, different kinds of algae, fungi, mold, moss, lichen, and bacteria made the roof dirty and can cause discoloration of roof tiles or material. If these moss, algae, mold, lichen stays on the roof it can damage the roof in many ways. It needs to be maintained by the house owners. Roof cleaning is a part of maintaining a home. A well-maintained roof lasts longer, and it keeps the market value of a house or a building at its prime. A clean roof also advances energy efficiency and makes your home look more visually attractive.
Wash ‘N’ Seal company offers services for roof cleaning only for tiled roofs in Florida. We take projects of residential roof cleaning and also commercial building’s roof cleaning. We have the highly technical staff to deal when it comes to cleaning roof properly. We like to provide the best customer service ever that is why we hire teams for quality work. With quality work, we ensure the safety of roof material and durability.

Roof cleaning is a part of maintaining a home.

Cleaning Methods used by Wash ‘N’ Seal

There is a variety of roofs which are made up of different materials which are made readily available for people to use the style and material they choose. Wash ‘N’ Seal use different methods of roof cleaning according to the tiles material which is used on roof to carry out the best results we can. Roof Cleaning also depends upon the issue you have to address and within the suitable price range. Different methods and solutions are used in this regard including hot water professional pressure washing which is our specialty.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are being used in the tropical regions. This type of roofing material is used here commonly. Ceramic tiles can take the professional pressure cleaning techniques without any kind of corrosion damage to the tiles. Our teams clean them with proper care and pressure. Different bleaching materials are also used in order to clean the roofs adequately and safely. It also removes the algae stains on the roof tiles. It is considered as one of the most effective choices to clean a ceramic tiled roof with pressure washing along with the right materials.

Clay tiles

Clay tiles are made up of clay and sand. These kinds of tiles reduce the cooling costs. A complex mechanism that forms these tiles makes them delicately porous than the regular ceramic tile. The roofs which are made of clay tiles are handled with diverted low-pressure washing techniques by our company.


Slate is made of natural material and it is mostly used in upscale luxury homes. These slates can extend the life of roof because of their durability. But they need to be carefully washed by low-pressure washing techniques.