21 Apr 2017
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21 Apr2017

If your paver is dropping, getting its color vanished, or getting damaged, we are here to give it a new life by repairing it. It usually happens around the pool when your paver start sinking because of the air gaps that are left behind when filling the area with sand. To repair this, bricks are removed around sunken area. Water in these areas is injected with a special made tool to make sure that all the remaining spaces are filled with sand. It helps prevent any future problems or damage.

After it, the surface is leveled and completed with a special sand to be compacted completely. When they are leveled and completed, sand pavers are put together again in their place, with fine sand that fill all the gaps and give pavement a new and compact look. Pavers are re-compacted in this way.

When the vegetation or the roots of the trees next to the paver, life themselves up from the level, it can be repaired also. In this, we withdraw the pavers, cut down the roots of the trees or vegetation next to your pavement which are lifting the paver and replace the sand. After that we compact it, afterwards the pavers are re-compacted after reinstallation. It gives the same look as the paver is recently installed.

Pavers have a long lasting time if they are sealed properly after the repair.

Customer should seal the paver after the pavers repairing is done, it is recommended to do so because it helps in preventing the damage after the repairing is done completely. It also prevents other damages and breaking of the paver. It ensures the customer about the long lasting and best condition of the pavement even after it is repaired. Pavers have a long lasting time if they are sealed properly after the repair. Not only the life but the integrity is also ensured.

You should know when your paver start to show signs like cracking, chipping or crumbling, know that they are getting damaged and it might lead it to the breakage of the paver. Whenever such signs begin to show, you must give us a call so we can better guide you how to repair your paver and how to give it a life again.
The repairing and installation process have the following steps:

1. Pre installation and Planning
2. Calculating Number of Pavers Needed
3. Excavation
4. Base Material
5. Edge Restraints
6. Sand Bedding
7. Laying Pavers
8. Sand Joints
9. Sealing
10. Maintenance

It is always better to look for professionals and people who had been in this field for years. You must test their work before assigning them your work. Moreover, they should be licensed and trusted by such authorities to carry such tasks. Most importantly they should have all the equipments required for the paver repair. You may ask them about their tools and equipments.

Furthermore, you have a right to ask them about their past projects and creativity. You can also ask for their work services from their past customers. This will surely give you peace of mind before hiring a company or an agent.