25 Aug 2017
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25 Aug2017

Wood resurfacing is a technique to restore old wood floors and bring back their shine and appeal. A few years ago, people would try to keep the shine of their wood floors intact by covering them with carpets. But today wood floors are refurbished to bring back their long-lost shine. With time, wooden floors lose their appeal because of dust, scratches and become dull. To maintain their look and appeal, you need to go for wood resurfacing for home floors.

What to know before going for wood resurfacing:

In order to sand them, wood floor require about 1/32 of an inch of wood on top of your wood floors. This can be checked by taking out a small portion of wood, presumably from under your closet, and show it to the wood refurbishing experts. They will check it and tell you what to do.

Hire a professional, do not opt for DIYs:

Make sure that you hire a professional wood refurbishing company for this job, since it is a matter of your house’s overall appearance. If you choose an amateur guy for this job, then you and your wood floor are really in trouble. Look for someone who knows his job and does not start learning on your floor. Wash and Seal company is your best bet since their professionalism speaks volume about their goodwill among customers. Who you should not hire is yourself, yes wood refurbishing experts warn against it. While many people in your circle may have boasted about their do-it-yourself wood resurfacing at home, it is important to note that it is a risky job, and you might end up doing something disastrous to your house. Therefore, it is important that you go for a professional for this job.

Do not worry about the cost:

You may think of wood resurfacing as a costly job but once you go for it, you will find that it is worth your money. Besides, Wash and seal company does not cost much for resurfacing your old wood floors. While most of the companies charge by the square foot, prices for different companies vary a lot. An average range for wood resurfacing falls around a $1000 – $3000. If you go for a low-end job, it will cost you less than $1000 and if you want a great job, then go for high-end wood resurfacing which will cost you around $3000 – $4000. Some people find it quite expensive which is why there are different options for you to choose from and make it easy for you to get your wood floors refurbished.

The end result:

Wood resurfacing will add up to the lifetime of your wood floors and increase your house’s overall appeal. Wash and seal company, provides you with the best services in the city. Their team is known for their professionalism. They will tell you all about the entire process and help you to understand each and every minute detail of wood resurfacing.

Get a whole new look to your house floors and bring back their shine by signing up for the best wood resurfacing services in town. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!