5 May 2017
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5 May2017

A great way to improve your home’s value is by painting its exterior. Apart from enhancing its curb appeal, exterior painting can also protect your home from weather damage and at the same time, prolong the life of the exterior. While helping to define your home’s personality, a well-applied paint also helps to convey your pride in your home.

Very few things can visibly make an immediate impact in the home like an exterior paint job.

As an integral aspect of home improvement, exterior painting can be quite an arduous task to perform. But you can effectively save yourself a lot of work for the project through proper preparation. If you are willing to know how you can successfully complete an exterior painting job in your home, here are some essential things to consider.

First and foremost you need to determine the area that needs to be painted by determining how much of it will be painted. Rather than paint the whole house, you may just have to paint only the shutters or trim. It is after you have known this that you can now start planning for colors and types of paint to use. Many paint companies now have sample books where various color combinations are recommended. So, if you are confused on making the right choice of colors for your exterior painting, you can easily know what colors look good together through these books.

For easier comparison, you can create larger samples of color blend from a purchased quart of your chosen colors if you are having a hard time deciding on what colors to use. As a matter of fact, it is imperative to ensure that your chosen color blends in with that of other houses in your vicinity. Ensure you purchase quality exterior paint. The 100% acrylic latex is a preferred option. It is a good exterior paint that is capable of lasting as long as oil-based paints and it’s also very easy to clean. To avoid wasting time applying additional coats, it is good you choose the best paint you can afford.

Ensure to wash off any mildew, dirt, and chalk from off the surface before commencing the painting project. For better results, it is recommended you paint on a dry, dull and clean house surface. Use plastic to cover landscape plants so as to protect them from paint droppings. Scrape off any cracked or peeling paint after cleaning the house. You can start painting the trim when you’ve finished sanding and priming the area. It’s best to use semi-gloss paint on the trim.

Spraying and back-rolling is the ideal way to paint exterior walls. When applied on textured surfaces like stucco, this method of painting can help deliver an even finish. For more information on exterior painting, please contact Wash N Seal.