13 Nov 2016
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13 Nov2016

If you are considering ways to add value to your property, you definitely should consider exterior painting. Not only is this a cost-effective method of improving the look, but it can completely change the curb appeal of your house. Here are some steps you should use to find the perfect exterior paint for your house:

• Consider the color. You could go with the existing color, or you could completely change it. If you opt for the later, consider what other homes on your block look like. Yes- standing out is good, but if all the other homes are Victorian white and you want hot pink, you may ruffle a few feathers. Do yourself a favor and consider the environment.

• Think big. A color that looks great on a swatch, or even painted on a 2-by-2-foot area of the house may be awesome, but what about on the entire house? Top-to-bottom? Make sure that you consider how a color will play out over the entire surface of your home. You can easily take a picture of your home curb-front and then load it onto your computer. Use a graphics tool to change the color. It may not be exactly the result, but it will give you a general idea of what your home will look like when it’s completely painted in the colors you’re contemplating.

Exterior Painting has the ability to change the appearance of your home by giving it a whole new appeal.

• Don’t forget the trim. Trim can also make a great artistic statement of your home. If you have trim to decorate, play with different colors and see how they look. Again- you can get out your trusty computer, upload your house’s picture and play with it. See what different combinations say about your home. How well they complement each other is key to having a home that is harmonious to the outside viewer.

• Consider those doing the job. Yes- it may sound nice to have different complementary colors playing against each other and alternating around the house, but think about what this means for the team that actually has to do it. If it seriously increases the amount of time or the cost, consider alternatives. You should come up with a few options to consider. Gather all information including supplies, colors, costs and time and do a comparison. If the cost—dollar-wise and beyond—is too much, revisit your plan and scale it down.

• Ask the professional for their opinion. When you have a general idea of what you want, take it to the professional that will actually do the work. Ask them for their opinion. It may not completely change your mind, but they may give you a few tips to consider that you never thought about.

Exterior painting is a big deal because of how powerfully it can change the look of your home. Consider your options, stay realistic and then have fun. You’ll likely love the results and added curb appeal of your house.