20 Oct2017

Roof Cleaning

Roofs of homes and buildings are built to last longer and you must protect them from extreme weather/ climate like wind storms, rain storms, hailing, moisture and from the hot sun. With the passage of time, different kinds of algae, fungi, mold, moss, lichen, and bacteria made the roof dirty and can cause discoloration of roof tiles or material. If these moss, algae, mold, lichen stays on the roof it can damage the roof in many ways. It needs to be maintained by the house owners. Roof cleaning is a part of maintaining a home. A well-maintained roof lasts longer, and it keeps the market value of a house or a building at its prime. A clean roof also advances energy efficiency and makes your home look more visually attractive.
Wash ‘N’ Seal company offers services for roof cleaning only for tiled roofs in Florida. We take projects of residential roof cleaning and also commercial building’s roof cleaning. We have the highly technical staff to deal when it comes to cleaning roof properly. We like to provide the best customer service ever that is why we hire teams for quality work. With quality work, we ensure the safety of roof material and durability.

Roof cleaning is a part of maintaining a home.

Cleaning Methods used by Wash ‘N’ Seal

There is a variety of roofs which are made up of different materials which are made readily available for people to use the style and material they choose. Wash ‘N’ Seal use different methods of roof cleaning according to the tiles material which is used on roof to carry out the best results we can. Roof Cleaning also depends upon the issue you have to address and within the suitable price range. Different methods and solutions are used in this regard including hot water professional pressure washing which is our specialty.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are being used in the tropical regions. This type of roofing material is used here commonly. Ceramic tiles can take the professional pressure cleaning techniques without any kind of corrosion damage to the tiles. Our teams clean them with proper care and pressure. Different bleaching materials are also used in order to clean the roofs adequately and safely. It also removes the algae stains on the roof tiles. It is considered as one of the most effective choices to clean a ceramic tiled roof with pressure washing along with the right materials.

Clay tiles

Clay tiles are made up of clay and sand. These kinds of tiles reduce the cooling costs. A complex mechanism that forms these tiles makes them delicately porous than the regular ceramic tile. The roofs which are made of clay tiles are handled with diverted low-pressure washing techniques by our company.


Slate is made of natural material and it is mostly used in upscale luxury homes. These slates can extend the life of roof because of their durability. But they need to be carefully washed by low-pressure washing techniques.


5 Oct2017

Wood Restoration

Wood is one of the commonly used materials for both outdoor and indoor surfaces. It provides a sense of richness and warmth to your furniture, decks, pathways, stairs, and fences. Wood is most often utilized in decks, doors, tables, stairs, and flooring. No doubt, wood looks elegant but it should be kept in mind that it is not much durable as compared to stone or metal. Hence, you need to pay more attention towards their durability. If you also have wood flooring or walkways, then you will definitely need wood restoration services. You would be glad to know that Wash ‘N’ Seal is in the business of wood restoration for over 15 years. The company owns highly trained and skilled workers for getting the work done in professional manner.

If have wood flooring or walkways, then you will definitely need wood restoration services.

Now there is no need to worry about your dirty or filthy wood surface as our company can provide the best wood restoration services. We believe in providing outstanding work that is why we use modern and up to date equipment to clean, restore, and weatherproof your surface. Working with wood is an art and you have to be more carefully in dealing with this material. Keeping in view the nature of work, Wash ‘N’ Seal has hired professional employees who can work well with wood material. They go through different training programs to remain updated with the latest restoration techniques.

It’s essential to keep your wood furniture and surfaces protected from any damage or wear and tear by hiring the services of an experienced wood restoration company otherwise your belongings will lose their value. Huge sum of money is spent on the wood items that is why you have to care them properly. You can save hundreds of dollars on wood replacement by employing the best wood restoration services which are available in your area.

Why Select Us?

At Wash ‘N’ Seal, we clean and restore your wood surfaces and furniture to their original beautiful looks while saving your money. We are a certified, licensed and insured wood restoration company in South Florida. You can hire our services any time by contacting our customer support representatives. We also provide complete cost estimation so that you can have an idea of your expenses beforehand. No matter whether it is wood furniture, decks, stairs, walkways, fences, or flooring, our personnel will provide you the excellent services.

Some of our features which differentiate us from the rest of service providers are:

  •  More than 15 years’ experience
  • 100% positive feedback from customers
  •  On time and punctual
  •  Reasonable rates
  •  Well skilled personnel
  • Best machines and equipment


Steps Involved in Wood Restoration Process

Two key steps are involved in wood restoration process.

1. First of all, wood is thoroughly washed with the help of low pressure water and oxygen base cleaner. This step assists in removing dirt, algae, mildew, etc. It also prepares the surface for the implication of semi-transparent sealer-weatherproofer.

2. Once the surface is dry, semi-transparent sealer-weatherproofer is applied. This sealer helps in blocking powerful ultra-violet rays and other dangerous elements. Moreover, it also prevents decay, mildew and rot.


22 Sep2017

Exterior Painting

The weather in South Florida can be quite unforgiving. From scorching suns to hurricanes and everything in between, the natural elements can wreak havoc on any home. To make sure your house never looks worse for wear or maintains its curb appeal, it is imperative to take timely action to stop any deterioration before it gets out of hand.

The most efficient and effective way to give your house an instant uplift is to invest in an exterior painting job.

Wash N Seal Pavers

Wash N Seal is a Florida based company that specializes in improving the aesthetics of your house, to make sure that your house looks as elegant as ever, and remains in optimal condition. We offer a number of services such as paver sealing, concrete pressure cleaning, roof cleaning and sealing, and exterior painting, among several others.

Our company has an experience of providing excellent customer service for the past 15 years at a most competitive price. By utilizing our services, you can be sure that trained and professional employees will show up on time with the best tools and machinery required to execute the job perfectly. So be it a commercial building or a personal home, our licensed and insured cleaning and maintenance service is the one you should opt for.

Why Opt for Exterior Painting?

If you are a homeowner who wants to have their house to remain the envy of the neighborhood or a commercial or office building that wants to set an impressive impression on visitors, then chipping paint and exteriors would only negate your efforts. To avoid this, it is important to go for a quality exterior painting service, like the one offered by Wash N Seal Pavers to take care of the eyesores and restore your building to its former grandeur.

Chipped paint, not only looks unsightly but also exposes the wood underneath to the mercy of the natural elements. Wind, sunlight, and rain can speed up the rotting of the wood. This can lead to costly repairs in the future. To avoid this, it’s better to retouch the paint from where it is chipped.

Who Needs Exterior Painting Service?

If you are any one of the following, then Wash N Seal Paver’s exterior painting service is for you.
• A homeowner who wants to keep his house looking as elegant as the day it was constructed.
• Business owner looking to impress potential visitors.
• A homeowner looking to sell the house.
• Anyone who cares about maintaining the aesthetics and maximizing the durability of the building.

Hassle Free Service

Wash N Seal Pavers make it easier than ever to acquire services like exterior painting and sealing. You can schedule a time and place by calling us or by visiting our website, where you can also get a free quotation for the services you opt for. After this just sit back and relax as our team of dedicated and skilled painters visit the site with state of the art equipment in tow. The high-quality products used will enable them to finish the exterior painting job or any other service you want effectively and in the least amount of time.

25 Aug2017

Everything you need to know about Wood Resurfacing

Wood resurfacing is a technique to restore old wood floors and bring back their shine and appeal. A few years ago, people would try to keep the shine of their wood floors intact by covering them with carpets. But today wood floors are refurbished to bring back their long-lost shine. With time, wooden floors lose their appeal because of dust, scratches and become dull. To maintain their look and appeal, you need to go for wood resurfacing for home floors.

What to know before going for wood resurfacing:

In order to sand them, wood floor require about 1/32 of an inch of wood on top of your wood floors. This can be checked by taking out a small portion of wood, presumably from under your closet, and show it to the wood refurbishing experts. They will check it and tell you what to do.

Hire a professional, do not opt for DIYs:

Make sure that you hire a professional wood refurbishing company for this job, since it is a matter of your house’s overall appearance. If you choose an amateur guy for this job, then you and your wood floor are really in trouble. Look for someone who knows his job and does not start learning on your floor. Wash and Seal company is your best bet since their professionalism speaks volume about their goodwill among customers. Who you should not hire is yourself, yes wood refurbishing experts warn against it. While many people in your circle may have boasted about their do-it-yourself wood resurfacing at home, it is important to note that it is a risky job, and you might end up doing something disastrous to your house. Therefore, it is important that you go for a professional for this job.

Do not worry about the cost:

You may think of wood resurfacing as a costly job but once you go for it, you will find that it is worth your money. Besides, Wash and seal company does not cost much for resurfacing your old wood floors. While most of the companies charge by the square foot, prices for different companies vary a lot. An average range for wood resurfacing falls around a $1000 – $3000. If you go for a low-end job, it will cost you less than $1000 and if you want a great job, then go for high-end wood resurfacing which will cost you around $3000 – $4000. Some people find it quite expensive which is why there are different options for you to choose from and make it easy for you to get your wood floors refurbished.

The end result:

Wood resurfacing will add up to the lifetime of your wood floors and increase your house’s overall appeal. Wash and seal company, provides you with the best services in the city. Their team is known for their professionalism. They will tell you all about the entire process and help you to understand each and every minute detail of wood resurfacing.

Get a whole new look to your house floors and bring back their shine by signing up for the best wood resurfacing services in town. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

11 Aug2017

Benefits of Paver Sealing

Pavers are an investment to your house. Sealing the pavers is the best way to protect your investment. Pavers are an attraction for the sidewalks and the driveways but they get rusty and can have cracks with a period of time. There are different types of paver sealing. Pavers are versatile if properly maintained, sealing the paver can have many advantages. Let’s look at some of the benefits of paver sealing.

1: Easy maintenance

Sealing the pavers will prevent the chances of cracks on them.

It’s easy to wash and clean the pavers when there are no cracks on them. Paver get dusty and rusted when they are exposed to the sun all over the year, but with paver sealing it’s easy to maintain as keep the shine everlasting, with one wash the shine can come back again.

2: Protect from Fading

When pavers are exposed to the sun, harmful UV rays causes them to fade away. UV degradation can cause many elements to break down, pavers are constantly affected by these rays so the colored pigments of these pavers starts to fade away. Sealing the pavers helps to protect from the harmful UV rays and maintains its shine. Sealing can help to bring back the shine and keep the vibrant colors intact.

3: Prevents the growth of weed and Fungi

Sealing the pavers can help prevent moisture. due to its interlocking joints the moisture is not able to form on the paver. Sealed Pavers prevents the growth of unwanted plants such as weed and fungi. These unwanted plants can make the pavers slippery. But don’t worry about getting slipped when the pavers are sealed.

4: Protection from Weather

Sealing the pavers can provide them protection from being displaced by the wind or rain. It also helps to prevent the insect from creating a sink or shaft in the pavers. With joint sand interlocking features It is best protection for pool deck. Sealing the pavers help to protect from the stormy winds and rain.

5: Improve the appearance

Pavers are an attraction to your driveways or sidewalk. Paver seal installation can help improve the appearance of the pavers. Sealers can bring out the vibrant colors of the pavers. Some of the sealers provides an attractive wet look to the pavers. Sealers enhances the color, texture and brightness of the pavers. Paver sealing can come in many designs which can provide a beautiful pattern to your yard.

6: Guards Against Stains

Sealant guards against all the stains on the pavers. The pavers are less porous which helps to prevent grease, oil and dirt.

Why Choose Wash N Seal for your Paver Sealing?

To install Paver Sealing you need to have a company that give you work satisfaction. Wash ‘N’ Seal is the best option to go for. Wash ‘N’ Seal is a licensed, insured and certified pressure washing/paver sealing company in the South Florida area with over 15 years of experience. They have all the latest tools and machines to perform the task. Book an appointment and get a free estimate.

28 Jul2017

6 Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Surfaces are extremely strong and durable. But the appearance of a concrete can be dirty and worn out. Replacing concrete can be very costly and time taking so the best way is to have concrete resurfacing which can not only save money and time but it can also be decorative.

Here are the 6 benefits of having Concrete Resurfacing.

1: Cost Efficient:

Concrete resurfacing process is very cost efficient. You don’t have to take apart the whole concrete flooring and replace with the new one anymore. The labor cost of concrete resurfacing is very cheap and you don’t to put a lot of workers in this process.

2: Better Look:

Concrete Resurfacing is really a good way to boost up the look of the shape of the house. Resurfacing will give your house or building a modern and a fresh look. It can renew all of the dirty floor and the bumps. It is aesthetically pleasing as you can choose from various design to renew your floors. You can use the new patterns and can also tint the resurfacing with good colors that matches your house interior or exterior designs.

3: Long lasting:

Concrete Resurfacing provides a better quality that will let your new concrete last for a decade. The materials which is used in this process has high resilience. Concrete resurfacing provides the enriching of the quality of the surface, abrasion resistance, penetration blockage and even stain resistance. The concrete resurfacing will also last longer than the original concrete.

4: Better Atmosphere

Concrete Resurfacing will improve the blockage of the UV rays entering the home. It acts as a defense against temperature change. This will help in reducing the temperature of the room. This will help you a lot in the electricity bills of your house as you won’t need to use the air conditioning all the time.

5: Better and Easy Maintenance

Concrete Resurfacing doesn’t require any expensive maintaining. To have the long lasting effect of concrete resurfacing you can do that even yourself as It doesn’t require a lot of hard work. You can do the regular cleaning at regular intervals to have a long lasting effect.

6: Time Saving

Concrete Resurfacing doesn’t require a lot of time. Except on your behalf as you need to choose from a variety of beautiful looking designs. Once the colors and the design is picked it’s not really much of a work except to the surface evenly over the entire area.

To avail all the above benefits and have a satisfaction then you need to hire an experienced contractor, who will meet all of your demands. Then Wash N Seal is the company that you should opt for. Wash ‘N’ Seal is a licensed, insured and certified pressure washing/paver sealing company in the South Florida area with over 15 years of experience. They ensure all of the best equipment is placed before the start of the project. Wash N Seal Guarantees Customer satisfaction to prove the best quality of work at affordable price. So get your estimate quote by calling on their hotline number.

14 Jul2017

Find Out How Paver Repair Services Can Change the Outlook of Your Pavement and Your Life!

Have the recent rain showers and years of neglect lead to your house pavement being shaky and looking like a grotesque sight? Pavements require extensive care and maintenance to keep shiny like a freshly paved sidewalk.

However, just a few blunders here and there, and your fancy pavement that costed you hundreds of dollars, will succumb to the disdain in no time! Sure enough, getting your pavement refurbished can cost you quite a lot of money, and not to forget how time consuming it can get. It’s better to take care of your roadside pavement on a regular basis, then to later go on looking for a paver installation company to get your paver installed from scratch!

Paver Repair is the ideal way to keep your pavers looking well kept longer before having to replace the entire thing.

If you think that you are playing your part by cleaning and scrubbing your paver once a year as part of your spring cleaning project, then you are wrong! We are sorry to break it to you that a paver is just as important as any other part of your house, and requires professional care to extend its life!
What? Pavers have no life! They are inanimate objects!
Of course, they are! However, practiced care and maintenance can extend the life and outlook of your paver, and save you tons of your money!

Now that you are convinced on how professional paver repair services can prolong its longevity, you should know the few basics as to how professional paver repair services do their job!

• State of the Art Equipment:

Paver repair and maintenance requires that extra touch for its lasting durability. This is why, the use of appropriate equipment is fundamental to maintain your roadside paver. Professional paver repair service providers utilize the proper tools and machinery that polishes and cleans your paver immaculately!

• Experienced Staff:

You might not be as qualified as a paver professional who has a sound knowledge on how to deal with and care for pavers. A highly qualified and certified staff that has been dealing with paver repairs and maintenance from a considerable amount of time, would do a better job at repairing your paver than you!

• Master of All Trades:

No matter what kind of tools you use, you will never be able to replicate the experience of a professional paver repair service provider. After all, the paver that is installed on your driveway is different than your roadside brick paver. Similarly, roof tiles and wooden patios have completely different requirements for their maintenance. All of these repairs can only be supervised by experienced professionals!

You cannot tend to each and every kind of cleaning and repair service in your house on your own! Hire a professional service provider to mend and maintain your house pavers, who have the right equipment and the inerrant knowledge on different kinds of services!

When it comes to Paver repair and maintenance service, you need to go the extra mile and choose what is best for your paver. This is why Wash n Seal is the ultimate option for all of your paver repair related problems!

30 Jun2017

What You Should Know About Wood Cleaning

Is it possible to return those 80-year old wood floors in your home or office or that beloved-but-worn dining table and chairs to its original look? What about restoring the slightly scratched teak table you bought from an antique store, that wooden bowl that has served the family with years of sweet memory, or those well-thought out cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom that just fit perfectly in their position which has now become stained to their natural shine and glow? Our wood cleaning services may just be the perfect solution for your wooden surfaces.

Wood surfaces get dirty. While cooking, grease drops on them; everything from cake batter to Olive oil spill on them; the children volunteer to make fruit smoothies, turning on the blender without the top on thereby slinging orange juice and smashed banana across the room. Even something as simple as dropping a hot or cold drink directly on the wood surface stains it.

All these wood surfaces have been dusted, mopped, and shined regularly, but over time the polish used on them combine with dust to leave dark films on them. To keep these wooden surfaces looking their best, there is the need for periodic deep cleaning. The nature of the wood and the type of finish on the surface determines the type of cleaning product to use. It is important to know that different wood surfaces in homes or offices may require various products to properly clean, and preserve their quality.

The steps to follow in cleaning your wooden surfaces (regardless of the nature of the wood and the finishing it has) are simple and almost identical.

◈ First, you dust or sweep the wood surface. This removes debris and other small particles that might otherwise get ingrained to the wood surface. Again the type of wood surface will determine the duster or dirt remover to use.

◈ Use the required cleaning product to clean the surface. Now, this is the part that is a little bit hard. If you use the wrong cleaning agent, you run the risk of damaging your wood surface even much more. Usually, the cleaning agent is diluted in water before use. For wood items that we use in serving edibles like a wooden bowl, cleaning agents with ingredients that are safe to digest must be utilized. Marks and scratches on hardwood floors and surfaces may not be removed after cleaning and will require other stronger agents and brushes to remove.

◈ Wax or polish the wood. This protects the already cleaned wood surface. And again, these waxes or polishes are wood-specific.

Wood furnishings without doubt add a warm touch to homes and businesses, and hence need to be cleaned periodically to maintain this warmth. Wood cleaning when done by professionals at Wash N Seal will be easy and perfect, leaving the wood surface with such shine and glow like when it was new.

16 Jun2017

The Importance Of Roof Sealing

A beautiful looking house without an equally nice roof, will not complement the building. Roofs are like the crowns that adorn houses. But then, with weather conditions constantly changing, your roof can begin to wear out. This is because, whether it’s raining, the sun is shining or snow is falling, it is the roof that takes the most of it. That is why a lot of roofs begin to look old, compared to the building it is on, after just a few years of construction. This is where Roof Sealing steps in to offer assistance.

A flat roof, for instance, gets bad easily. This is because, when the rain or snow falls on it, water gradually accumulates on the surface, and because the roof is flat, everything would not drain off. Also, when this water is not manually gotten rid of, it can also ruin the walls of the house, or its doors and windows.

When a roof gets damaged, it would need to be fixed, and as the leak continues, the homeowner would eventually have to replace it. Unfortunately, replacing an entire roof is not cheap, and the extra costs can affect an individual’s pocket or savings.

Roof sealing, however, takes care of the worrisome issue of leaky or damaged roofs. It prevents roofs from getting overly ruined by the elements, making them able to withstand any weather. When a roof is sealed, as the term suggests, the material used, creates a seal on its surface, so that, even if water accumulates on it, the water would not do any damage or create a leak from standing for too long.

Knowing that your roof is in great condition, and can withstand any weather condition, would not only give you a sense of well-being; it would also ensure you sleep with both eyes closed, even during a rainstorm.

However, roof sealing is not a process that can be left in the hands of just anyone. A badly sealed roof would only worsen the condition and be money wasted. There is also plenty roof restoring products in the market that can be confusing to someone who does not know about roofs. To get a good and flawless roof job done, you would have to employ the services of roof sealing professionals.

If your roof is professionally sealed or restored, it makes your house look as good as new and as beautiful as before, or more attractive, in some cases.

When your home looks good, and there are no damages anywhere, it’s market value increases. Home is where the heart is, so if yours is not in a good state, coming back to it after a hard day’s job, might not be something to look forward to.

Avoid delaying the repair of your leaky or damaged roof. Search for roofing professionals before the damage gets worse.

For more information, contact ‘Wash N Seal’ Roofing Company.

2 Jun2017

The Benefits Of Wood Resurfacing And How To Prepare

Hardwood flooring tends to fade as the time passes. Just as you may notice the fade and scratches of the surface, irrespective of how fanatically clean they are. So, instead of carrying out total refinishing, a simple wood resurfacing floor can automatically change and transform the appearance of your home or place of business. Wood resurfacing process is an easy and fast way to preserve the durability of your hardwood without tampering with the markings that make your flooring unique.

Benefits of Wood Resurfacing

Wood resurfacing, unlike a complete refinishing job, does not generate any airborne dust or another hazard inside your home.

Another thing is that it saves you time and money when compared to hardwood refinishing. Wood resurfacing also makes your hardwood floors look more polished and brighter which can improve the overall look of your home in no time.

Sometimes, the majority of hardwood floors have evidence of surface scratching, while other times having a refinishing done might be just the right choice. According to the recent report by The American Hardwood Information Center, most people’s reasons for carrying out a refinishing include deep gashes, creaking, burns in the wood, peeling finish or even a noticeable crack when you walk on your flooring.

How to Prepare for the Resurfacing Process

First of all, you don’t need to vacate your home completely before or during the resurfacing process. You will only need a few hours to get the wood resurfacing job done. To prepare for wood floor resurfacing, start by clearing out the furniture and other items in the areas where the service will take place. This is to help prevent any damage to your property. After that, a high-quality polyurethane coating/finishing should be applied to protect and preserve your flooring and at the same time, allow it to retain its original color.

Once the wood resurfacing is complete, you may want to protect your floor by making sure that it looks and remain beautiful for years to come. Mopping regularly with a washable microfiber to remove debris and dust is the best way to protect your hardwood floors and keep them polished.

To prevent discoloration and stains, remove spills immediately it happens. Purchase mats and area rugs from specialized retailers to lay on top of your hardwood floor for maximum protection. Ensure that you regularly trim the nails of your pets if you have one to prevent scratches and protect your floor from discoloration.

The beauty of wood resurfacing depends on a lot of care and complete maintenance. If you observe that your hardwood floor surface is beginning to fade and scratches are visible, then wood resurfacing may be what you need.

For more information, contact Wash N Seal today.

19 May2017

Why You Should have Roof Cleaning done Regularly

Roof cleaning service is not a new service but it is not so much in demand like other services. This may be because people are not aware of the importance of roof cleaning service. The service entails removing all the moss and other dirt from your roof. The accumulation of moss on your roof gradually dims the color of your roof.

Roof Cleaning service entails removing all the moss and other dirt from your roof.

The most important reason to clean your roof is that it gives your roof a new look. It makes it look like you just painted your roof or you just fixed a new roof. Both of them do not only improve the look of your home, they also add value to it. They make it look more expensive. Studies have shown that new roofs make a house sell faster. This is because the roof is part of the house that prospective home buyers check. When the roof looks new, they may skip the inspection as new roofs rarely leak.

The longer moss and other kinds of dirt stay on your roof the more they damage or weaken it. So, cleaning your roof regularly protects it. This also implies that cleaning your roof extends the life span of your roof. Another good reason to clean your roof is that it protects your roof against frost damage.

It is worthy of note that roof cleaning is cheaper and safer than you think. Just try and get a free quote and you will be amazed that the service is way cheaper than what you had thought. However, different service provider offers different charges and there are other factors that determine the charges. Cleaning it the first time after several years will definitely be costlier than subsequent cleaning service.

The height of the roof and the width are all determining factors in the cost of roof cleaning service. Since there are a lot of people offering the service, it is better to talk to get a quote from at least three service providers before making a choice.

This is will enable you make reasonable comparisons before making a choice. It is not advisable to hire the first service provider that comes your way. There could be more competitive prices and better terms of service out there.

It is also advisable to hire the most experienced service provider. The most experienced is often the best among your prospective service providers. Don’t just believe the years of experienced stated on their website. You should request a proof. This is because some service providers usually inflate their years of experience just to attract new clients.

Another important precautionary measure is to ensure you hire a company whose staff are fully insured. You don’t plan to offset any medical bill if any accident occurs during the course of cleaning your roof. Although accidents rarely occur, it is a possibility. For more information contact Wash N Seal.

5 May2017

How To Effectively Complete An Exterior Painting Job

A great way to improve your home’s value is by painting its exterior. Apart from enhancing its curb appeal, exterior painting can also protect your home from weather damage and at the same time, prolong the life of the exterior. While helping to define your home’s personality, a well-applied paint also helps to convey your pride in your home.

Very few things can visibly make an immediate impact in the home like an exterior paint job.

As an integral aspect of home improvement, exterior painting can be quite an arduous task to perform. But you can effectively save yourself a lot of work for the project through proper preparation. If you are willing to know how you can successfully complete an exterior painting job in your home, here are some essential things to consider.

First and foremost you need to determine the area that needs to be painted by determining how much of it will be painted. Rather than paint the whole house, you may just have to paint only the shutters or trim. It is after you have known this that you can now start planning for colors and types of paint to use. Many paint companies now have sample books where various color combinations are recommended. So, if you are confused on making the right choice of colors for your exterior painting, you can easily know what colors look good together through these books.

For easier comparison, you can create larger samples of color blend from a purchased quart of your chosen colors if you are having a hard time deciding on what colors to use. As a matter of fact, it is imperative to ensure that your chosen color blends in with that of other houses in your vicinity. Ensure you purchase quality exterior paint. The 100% acrylic latex is a preferred option. It is a good exterior paint that is capable of lasting as long as oil-based paints and it’s also very easy to clean. To avoid wasting time applying additional coats, it is good you choose the best paint you can afford.

Ensure to wash off any mildew, dirt, and chalk from off the surface before commencing the painting project. For better results, it is recommended you paint on a dry, dull and clean house surface. Use plastic to cover landscape plants so as to protect them from paint droppings. Scrape off any cracked or peeling paint after cleaning the house. You can start painting the trim when you’ve finished sanding and priming the area. It’s best to use semi-gloss paint on the trim.

Spraying and back-rolling is the ideal way to paint exterior walls. When applied on textured surfaces like stucco, this method of painting can help deliver an even finish. For more information on exterior painting, please contact Wash N Seal.