1 Oct 2016
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1 Oct2016

If you’re considering the possibility of selling your home in the future, it may be in your interest to paint its exterior. Selling off your home can be a frustrating and cumbersome process. Making a small investment before the sale can raise the value of the property as well as increase the selling speed. We have identified more than a few colors as the perfect options for selling. Even though you’re not planning to sell at the moment, it’s not a bad idea to make an investment in home improvements, particularly ones that increase the beauty of the property.

Choosing the right color your Exterior Painting project, can help you sell your home faster or simply raise its value while making it feel like home.

Some exterior painting colors to try include;

• White or off-white: this shade looks good for lots of homes and landscapes alike. In fact, according to various surveys, nearly 40% of individuals like white when used as an exterior painting color. An efficient strategy with white paint may be using other darker colors for the trim and shutters to make them noticeable and unique. Remember that there are so many shades of white. Ensure that you sample some whites before picking a shade for your home exterior.

• Taupe: Like white, taupe works excellently with many landscapes. Taupe is a very warm, inviting color and conveys a similar feeling to prospective buyers.

• Gray: Notwithstanding gray’s connotations with gloomy moods and rainy days, it’s an excellent choice for a home exterior. It is a neutral, strong, and popular color. Either light or dark gray may be used to suit your preferences.

• Blue-gray: This color is richer than the neutral ones listed above, but still a perfect option. Though it works well for homes on water, lots of Central Ohio homes look nice with a sharp blue-gray exterior.

• Yellow: Possibly the most unanticipated color on this list, yellow is really a popular home exterior option. Why? Because the color creates a friendly feeling. However, you need to still be cautious when selecting yellow; don’t pick a yellow that is too bright, and only use a white trim.

A lot of new homes are painted in brighter colors, like the ones listed above. Although it is not necessarily bad or unacceptable to paint a home exterior with a dark color, those colors work best for the older homes in established neighborhoods.

When picking an exterior paint for your home, do not forget to select the proper color for important features of the home such as the front door and window sill. Here are a few effective colors for your consideration;

• Blue: Blue, naturally conveys a sense of calmness, and it can go well with most of the colors mentioned above.

• Green: Green comes with warm feelings of tranquility and safety and may be a bit selective. But when it is used with the perfect combination, it makes the house stand out.

• Black: A rather bold choice, black shows strength and power and its use is rare.

• Red: Another bold choice to consider, red raises feelings of excitement and energy and may give the exterior a unique look.

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