2 Jun 2017
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2 Jun2017

Hardwood flooring tends to fade as the time passes. Just as you may notice the fade and scratches of the surface, irrespective of how fanatically clean they are. So, instead of carrying out total refinishing, a simple wood resurfacing floor can automatically change and transform the appearance of your home or place of business. Wood resurfacing process is an easy and fast way to preserve the durability of your hardwood without tampering with the markings that make your flooring unique.

Benefits of Wood Resurfacing

Wood resurfacing, unlike a complete refinishing job, does not generate any airborne dust or another hazard inside your home.

Another thing is that it saves you time and money when compared to hardwood refinishing. Wood resurfacing also makes your hardwood floors look more polished and brighter which can improve the overall look of your home in no time.

Sometimes, the majority of hardwood floors have evidence of surface scratching, while other times having a refinishing done might be just the right choice. According to the recent report by The American Hardwood Information Center, most people’s reasons for carrying out a refinishing include deep gashes, creaking, burns in the wood, peeling finish or even a noticeable crack when you walk on your flooring.

How to Prepare for the Resurfacing Process

First of all, you don’t need to vacate your home completely before or during the resurfacing process. You will only need a few hours to get the wood resurfacing job done. To prepare for wood floor resurfacing, start by clearing out the furniture and other items in the areas where the service will take place. This is to help prevent any damage to your property. After that, a high-quality polyurethane coating/finishing should be applied to protect and preserve your flooring and at the same time, allow it to retain its original color.

Once the wood resurfacing is complete, you may want to protect your floor by making sure that it looks and remain beautiful for years to come. Mopping regularly with a washable microfiber to remove debris and dust is the best way to protect your hardwood floors and keep them polished.

To prevent discoloration and stains, remove spills immediately it happens. Purchase mats and area rugs from specialized retailers to lay on top of your hardwood floor for maximum protection. Ensure that you regularly trim the nails of your pets if you have one to prevent scratches and protect your floor from discoloration.

The beauty of wood resurfacing depends on a lot of care and complete maintenance. If you observe that your hardwood floor surface is beginning to fade and scratches are visible, then wood resurfacing may be what you need.

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