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Have pavers that are sinking or losing color? WE CAN FIX THEM!


Wash 'N' Seal is a south Florida company specialized to pressure cleaning, maintenance, stripping and sealing of driveways, terraces, pool deck, building entrances, common areas, and more...

We work on brick  paver, exterior marble, travertine, precast, keystone, stamped concrete, natural stone, chicago brick, and almost every exterior floor material.

Other services include: hot water pressure cleaning, paver sealing, wooden deck cleaning, docks and fence staining and weatherproofing .

We repair paver patios, brick paver driveway, brick walkway, pool decks, tree root damage paver and many other pavers related applications.


Washing & Sealing Process

To guarantee a job of exceptional quality, we use products and equipment that are designed specially for this type of work. Pressure Washing of Miami
  1. The first step in this process is to wash the pavers with a flat surface cleaner, a pressure washer with a 4000 PSI and 210 Fahrenheit and chemical products like degreasers and rust removers.
  2. On the next day if the pavers are totally dry two coats of acrylic-based solvent sealer specially formulated for pavers is applied with an electric sprayer.
  3. Once the sealer has been applied, you can step over it one hour later, and you can drive over it after twenty-four hours.

Pressure Washing Video

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Protect Your Investment!

Sealer application is the most inexpensive way to protect pavers from:
Miami: Hot Water Pressure Washing.

Oil stains.
Loss of Color due to Ultraviolet Rays.
Rust Spots.
Weed growth between pavers.
Stains in general.

Enhance Paver Durability!

The sealer doesn't only protect pavers, it also beautifies their appearance.
Pressure Washing of Miami

It restores color in old pavers
It preserves colors in new pavers
It can also give a "wet look"
Keep the pavers clean
It improves the investment adding value

Cleaning & Restoration!

A special process is used to clean, restore and weatherproof wooden deck, docks and fences.
Wood Dock Pressure Washing
Wood Dock Pressure Washing Services